Sunday, October 29, 2006


How does it go? “Land of the free, home of the brave.”

It's no secret by now that the CIA has been flying people out of nice little American towns like Smithfield, North Carolina, to be tortured in other countries.

Here's an email I just sent to the Mayor of Smithfield, with copies to the City Manager, Townhall, and City Council members. And a copy to the Smithfield Herald, as well. They have been staying on the story from the beginning.
To: Mr. Norman Johnson, Mayor of Smithfield, North Carolina.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

It occurs to me that perhaps the Mayor of Smithfield might have something to say about torture flights originating from his local airport, care of Smithfield-based Aero Contractors. So far, however, I've seen nothing in the Smithfield Herald or other newspapers to indicate any moral concern whatsoever by you, the City Manager, or other city leaders—the pillars of the community. And I find your silence troubling.

If I were someone who lived in Smithfield or was considering moving there, I think I would certainly want to know if the leaders of my town would have the courage to speak out against Aero and against the whole notion of removing people from this country for the purpose of being tortured, which, frankly, strikes me as un-American.

There's an old expression you may have heard of: “Silence is the voice of complicity.”

Grayson Harper.


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