Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The following are the Democrats who voted for the military commissions bill, which throws out habeas corpus for detainees, which allows the President to torture them (using his own definition of torture), and immunizes him and all the perpetrators of torture against criminal prosecution. The bill is already infamous across the world. And here are the twelve Demos who have sold out along with their fellow Repubs:

Tom Carper, Delaware
Tim Johnson, South Dakota
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey
Robert Menendez, New Jersey
Bill Nelson, Florida
Ben Nelson, Nebraska
Mark Pryor, Arkansas
Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia
Ken Salazar, Colorado
Debbie Stabenow, Michigan
Joseph Lieberman, Connecticut

Every single Democratic senator voted with the rest to approve spending another 70 billion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan.

So far Congress has approved spending just over a trillion dollars on the two wars.

The war in Iraq is costing 2 billion per week.

Congress also approved giving the Israeli military 500 million dollars. That's in addition to our usual military donation to Israel of 2 billion a year.
Meditate for a moment on the number of people who could be fed and housed around the world.
Meditate on how every man, woman and child in this country could have decent health care for nothing, or next to nothing.
Meditate on how we could send our children to college for a fraction of what we're paying now.
Meditate on the numbers of homeless who could be helped.
Meditate on how New Orleans could be rebuilt.
Meditate on how we could use the money to realign all our energy consumption to stop global warming.
But instead of spending the money on life, we choose to spend it on death.

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