Monday, December 01, 2014


The fabric of jurisprudence, the law that governs and constrains presidential power, and the covenant that binds the will of the people with those who are presumably elected, has become dangerously weakened; and now, after thirteen years of this corruptive process, we are clearly in for hard times.

Looking at this power projected overseas, as the nation's foreign policy, even watching it as it gradually brings psychological insecurity and fear to our own cities and countryside; we end by observing the same undeniable strategies at work. The longest continuous period of war in our history is happening now; and it is matched by the longest chapter of war propaganda that the people have ever had to endure.

Considering the repetitious and absurd series of scares, the never-ending cast of new bogeymen, the multiplicity of  "Hitlers", of which there never seems to be an end; only a gullible people, or a people driven into a stupor by endless propaganda, would pay any mind to such tactics. The repeated  lies have worn down the will of some, and leave so many numb, or in an unsettled state of fear.

Fear is the driving force of the oppressive war propaganda, fear is used as a marketing tool, and is used to gain the acceptance  and normalization of the NSA Surveillance State. Fear is finally omnipresent when one has become a slave, or is acting as a good citizen in a fascist state.

As James Risen has written in his new book, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War:
Fear is hard to question. It is central to the financial well-being of countless federal bureaucrats, contractors, subcontractors, analysts, and pundits. Fear generates funds.
The Intercept has an interview of James Risen by Glenn Greenwald, which I recommend to readers.

But when fear is a means to an end, and the goal of US policy is the fragmentation and destruction of other people's societies,--even to the undoing of their culture;-- then going past war's previous destruction,  to a new stage of chaos, is also a more corrupt and vicious kind of aggression. This is what has been done, and is still being done, to what remains of Iraq and Syria.

The US leadership, congressional and presidential, is implicated in a history that has continued for years. This is a process of subversion, carried out on the Dark Side, beyond public scrutiny, and abetted by cable and broadcast networks, with the falsification of events by these propaganda organs.

Libya's society has been cast into the outer darkness, by nations whose leaders have expressed no remorse, and who have used the breakdown of authority in that land, as a cover, in order to move arsenals of weapons into the hands of real extremists, the same extremists to whom our hypocrite president refers, in public, as America's sworn enemies.  The former president of France, M. Sarkozy, one of the schemers behind this double war crime, first attacked Libya, and then covertly transfered the aggression toward Syria. He has only recently resumed his post as the leader of French conservatives, instead of being brought to justice for these crimes.

Turkish authorities continue to facilitate transfers of supplies to Islamic extremists,  funneled like the arms the CIA previously smuggled out of Libya into this very dirty game; but it is nothing new. The United States has been busy training  those religious extremists whose mission is to destroy a lawful government in Syria. The most terrible of the bogeymen, the multi-national ISIS, or ISIL, as Obama insists on calling it, has been receiving converts from the ranks of those the US trained, in Jordan, and has been armed from many sources, the Gulf States and Saudis, as well as by having weapons which the Americans have spread around.

The United States has a history of promoting state terror through proxy armies, using zealots and psychotics who are happy to do what they are inclined to do. From arming the Contras in Nicaragua, which was done illegally in the 1980s, we come to  the latest craze of advancing sectarian, or religiously inspired terror, as Obama's policy of lies and hysterical claims permits.

Andre Vltchek, a novelist and war correspondent, brings us to an understanding of the ends our country has been pursuing in Iraq. At personal risk, he traveled deep into the Kurdish land of northern Iraq, where the Kurdish Peshmerga has pushed back against ISIS troops, regaining their villages to the west, coming within 15 kilometers of Mosul. He writes:
In the evening I am having a cup of tea with an old scientist, a nuclear physicist, Ishmael Khalil, originally from Tikrit University, now a refugee. We are in the ancient tearoom in the center of Erbil.
“All that I had was destroyed... I have no idea what is left of my university... Western allies supported the IS: Saudis, Qataris, and Turks. Americans are the main reason for this insanity – for total destruction of Iraq. Not just me, ask any child and you will hear the same thing... We all used to belong to a great and proud nation. Now everything is fragmented, and ruined. We have nothing – all of us became beggars and refugees in our land,” Khalil says.

To take what has been fragmented by violence and terror, and to use fear
in a canny way to further atomize and divide a society, can be a means to an extreme where society breaks down, and a nation's culture is wounded. And what empires inflict on their prey, they bring back with terrible results to their people at home. 

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