Sunday, December 09, 2012


Corrupt international power is flexing its muscle, spinning its propaganda, making ready its false flags, and salivating in anticipation of the truly biblical image of Damascus in smoke and utter destruction.

So many enemies have gathered from beyond the borders of Syria. And these enemies are operating on a tight, revised schedule now, after grinding away at the country for almost two years. Extremists of the al-Qaeda brand, freebooting their way to martyrdom, are fighting alongside the West's Special Services, fighting beside  hirelings and thugs whose paymasters include  the royal houses of Saud and Qatar, with the connivance and assistance of Turkey, with its leader Erdogan, who is absolutely stabbing a neighboring country in the back. 

War is not on the verge of breaking out; it is being escalated. War did not begin almost two years ago with the coordinated attack on Assad's government in Syria; and it will continue to exist to further the ongoing, fateful war against Iran. The attempted destruction of secular life, the most civilized part of life in Syria, is not an interlude; but it is, frankly, a continuum of war. And to speak frankly, acts of war by the United States on Iran, spurred by Israel and Israeli acts of war against Iran, may come short of overt war, but these verbal and deadly physical assaults always contain the threat lurking, in none too subtle language, of a final reckoning. 

Humanity advances and humanity retreats; and history with its cycles moves through the delusional idea of purification by violence, from one extremity to the next one. We are cycling down into a dark place now with Obama, one of the most deceitful US presidents ever, whose cards remain ever close to his vest, supported by Hillary Clinton, that harpy of eternal war, at the State Department, with Susan Rice, more viper than diplomat, rumored to be Clinton's replacement. How can we take any comfort in this? And then there is the depravity, also, of prominent European governments: France, Britain, even Germany--agreeable to finding a space on Syria's scrawny neck, where a boot heel can still crush down.

It's hard to say if most Americans realize that this is an international crisis that could lead to a World War; or that this thing was really kicked off when President Obama agreed to overthrow, by mostly outside military force, the Gadhafi government in Libya,--an operation which was planned within NATO,-- and carried out with a hoax, and by criminal misrepresentation in the UN Security Council, a resolution which Russia and China would never have agreed to let stand, and would have vetoed; if they had understood the hidden agenda behind the words, "responsibility to protect"; --if only they had been alerted to the deception and hypocrisy of those who used the language.

An international crisis exists because US, French, and British leaders, lied to the world about their intentions in Libya; and now with the manufactured crisis over the Syrian government, and the propaganda onslaught against its president's legitimacy, they are perfectly willing to partner with the instruments of terror that have been imported into that country; and the real corruption of these western men, the willingness to use any means available, is a most ugly truth. 

Syria's president, Bashar Assad, has no incentive to use chemical weapons inside his country. And if a NATO naval armada and its amphibious landing craft are gathering off the coast of Syria; it is not because our own Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, or French President Hollande, are expecting Assad to use chemical weapons indifferently, or to use them at all; it is rather because they are not content to let Syria's secular government stand for much longer.  And they have pressing business and violent work to do upon Iran.

The unholy alliance is disposed to create a hell in Syria; and this is borne out by the strategy NATO used in the Libyan operation, where extreme Islamist elements were a major part of the rebel cadre there, and where tons of advanced military hardware in Gadhafi's former depots, including shoulder-launched anti- aircraft man pads could migrate onward to the front in Syria, and who knows where else.

There is not a word coming out of the mouths of US and NATO officials, on the subject of President Assad or Syria, that the Russians or Chinese are bound to believe. And the US, and some European media, the major corporate ones, have just been mindless parrots, whenever they have helped to further the vilest kind of aggression, whose clear aim is to overthrow a government by force. This is all very dangerous; and no one knows yet how dangerous it is.

It is vanity, hatred, and greed,--always as it was before--that drags individuals and nations into the abyss. To hear something again that reminds us of the pure of heart is what always amazes us,  wherever or whenever it bears within it the seeds of redemption, like the words of Martin Luther King:
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

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