Sunday, February 24, 2008


Looks like Nader's getting ready to piss all over this election. Well, okay. Maybe it'll finally force Obama to stand up and say something real. I don't know about Hillary. She's so stuck on the tape-loop in her head that she may not be capable of an original thought at this point. The presence of a true progressive standing alongside her is liable to cause her to break out in hives. For Obama, maybe it'll serve as a wake-up call.

So, c'mon in, Ralph, what the hell. But brace up, my friend. You're going to be villified for this.

I just hope he can get in and debate the other two stick figures. Then we'll see something worth looking at. I've heard he's got lawyers willing to work cheap to sue the networks to make it happen. But hey, I guess this s.o.b. is really serious about getting this bunged out democracy back on her feet. It'll take some doing. She's full of spiders and black mold, but there may be some life in her, yet. I say: Let 'er rip!


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