Thursday, November 09, 2006


American voters have elected a Democratic majority in Congress; and with the help of political activists, bloggers and investigative journalists, progressive organizations, democratic candidates and their staffs, volunteers and donors, this majority has made a moment of renewed promise and accountability possible. Unchecked presidential and executive power has been repudiated by this election. And the republicans' cynical use of bigotry has backfired this time.

We celebrate this political change. We honor those who have spoken out, those who have taken risks, those who have given so much of themselves, who have overshadowed the rest of us, with their sacrifices and moral intensity. We give thanks to them all today.

Americans now have some real expectation that the political extremism of the past 6 years can be addressed. Democrats believe it is time to find a way for our beleaguered soldiers to return home from Iraq. It is time for the Occupation of Iraq to end. From now on, Americans will insist that our domestic tranquility must rest on our tradition of liberties and political checks and balances.

We can again recognize what we most admire in our country. It feels as if we have a new lease on life in this election. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, still beckons to us. On such a day we can still imagine the illuminating dreams of our country's founders.


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