Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The imperial project is something that most Americans have not taken time to think about; they don't see the nation through that kind of lens. The moral issue of spilling blood to acquire oil--that is to say--the question of empire, has been covered up, under this republican administration. However, Americans have figured out that Iraq is a quagmire; and only Senator McCain (a republican) has endorsed the crackpot idea of sending more US troops into "the valley of death".

No good, present or prospective, can be had by voting republican. If there are places on the ballot where democrats are not enrolled, it is better to vote Green or Libertarian. At this crucial point in our political history, voting republican will push us farther along-- with the party's corporate handshake-- toward fascism.

At this point Americans must vote for the Democrats, to have any hope of bringing US troops home and ending the Occupation of Iraq. I am also reminded that due process of law, habeas corpus, standards of civil rights and basic human rights, are under assault by a republican administration and its rubber-stamping republican Congress.

This is not a political decision to screw around with. I hope to God that the majority of my fellow Americans vote for democrats today. Every day we spend living under this dark, republican cloud, is a day that brings us closer to living in a police state. For instance, there are now proposed "clearance documents" to be issued by Homeland Security, which would present an impassable barrier to some American citizens seeking to re-enter their country, and likewise would block others who might hope to leave. Politically motivated restrictions on travel are in the works.

A perpetual, one-party state, will be the end of our Republic; and those pundits who argue that there is no difference between the major political parties, do not take into account profound cultural struggles which are in play, and only focus on the over-reaching power of our corporations.

Political culture matters. This is the difference between a legitimate electoral process and computer gaming, between free speech and sedition, between closed borders and open ones, between viable legal protections and tyranny.

Please safeguard the liberties we grew up with. Vote for Democrats.


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