Tuesday, January 10, 2006


"The same President who insists he has the authority to wiretap "enemies" without warrants, imprison "enemies" without hearings or lawyers" ..."even torture "enemies," said today that YOU are an enemy." --Dave Johnson, Seeing The Forrest
Johnson gives us a timely warning that our President looks upon dissent as disloyalty to the country. As the President sees it, this domestic unpleasantness lends "comfort to our adversaries", as it exposes his administration's illegal spying on Americans. I reprint an edited version of the comment I made at Seeing The Forest:

Bush does not strike an accidental posture, posing as the nation's savior, while at the same time, undermining its crucial liberties. He never was that subtle.--which didn't matter before--when so many Americans believed in his "sincerity". But now that he has overplayed his hand, he has, for the most part, lost the audience. At times, the President betrays himself. He comes across as the nation's most obscene joke. Bush has moments of mawkish, self parody, when he seems attuned to the fact that what he's saying is bullshit. And we hold this truth to be self-evident.

Perhaps the President is a sock puppet. Perhaps we have taken him too seriously. Which hands animate the presidential glove and provoke Bush's gestures? Who steers the ship of state while he is chainsawing brush with such frenetic energy? While the President is collecting cuts and bruises, who is handing out the marching orders?--dispensing favors?--bribing officials?--tapping phones?--subverting habeas corpus?

We may have to have an impeachment; if only to convince the Inner Circle that we are serious, that this Constitution of ours will continue to reflect our living political theatre, and thereby secure a governing consensus, which can again defend our laws against the lawless, and our civil liberties against the entrenched power which would belittle and sacrifice them.


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